As the Bahamas moves beyond the 90-day mark since Hurricane Dorian, the long-term challenges of the recovery are proving to be quite sobering:

  • How do you replace two of the country’s four largest centers for economic output?
  • Where do you house the most vulnerable Bahamians who have lost everything?
  • How can survivors play a productive role in the recovery when they are struggling with their own trauma?
  • Where are the people and financial resources needed over the next 10 years going to come from?
  • Despite our own limitations and challenges, One Eleuthera Foundation is seeking to answer the call. We are resettling evacuees. We are training students in the skills needed to rebuild. We are investing in new economic ventures. We are providing counseling to troubled souls. We are working to coordinate volunteers from the US and other countries who want to assist.

    During this holiday season, I hope that you will keep the people of the Bahamas in your prayers, and I hope that you will consider making a gift to One Eleuthera to assist us with our efforts. No gift is too small.

    Happy holidays,

    Rev. Lane Glaze

    PS – Email me at for instructions on how to send a wire or an in-kind transfer of stock or other marketable security.